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Fever is a Calgary brand and marketing firm. For over 23 years we have been working with local and national clients on their brand and marketing strategies, connecting them with audiences and driving engagement. Our solutions are uniquely crafted for each client, responding to their individual position, passion, needs and objectives.



Regardless of the agreed budgets or pricing scale, we have a policy to always do GOOD work. With every project we strive to do our best possible and meet the high standard of work that our community knows each of our team members for. This means never allowing a project to be solely worked on by a junior or lesser experienced employee, just to keep costs down. Instead, we take on the challenge of maximizing small project budgets by leveraging partnerships, our community and, more cost effective execution techniques (like Guerrilla Marketing), while always developing GOOD work!



Call us dreamers, call us glass-half-full types or just call us creative thinkers. We believe in possibility through all we do – possibility in creative approaches and solutions.


We understand that many organizations are not able to afford the full value of marketing, strategy and design services. Yet, we believe in equal opportunity for all to have their story heard and effectively communicate to their audience with beautifully designed solutions. Therefore, we often adjust our rates to match the organization’s availability of funding. This “pay what you are able” mentality helps our team support many non-profit organizations and socially minded projects each year. See our GIVE page for more info.



Our culture does not allow for ego, rather, it is focused on real world results and partnering with clients. We concentrate on clients’ needs, how to connect them with their target audience and ultimately achieve their goals. We also firmly believe in authenticity in how we represent each client through the work we produce. If you want to call yourself “innovative” we are going to ask you to prove it.





We are a no muss, no fuss kind of agency. We believe in listening to our clients and doing great work. We focus on our clients' success and we are passionate about giving back to our community. These are the values that define us:



Formally trained as a lithographer back in the day of film stripping, Dan has evolved into a top digital retouch artist and early adopter of digital technology. His vast expertise includes: brand positioning, campaign conceptual development, advertising copywriting and digital compositing. Dan has worked in the industry for over 35 years, gaining knowledge in all areas of marketing and branding. He leads our creative and digital design teams.





Joanne is passionate about design, with a flare for fashion, interiors, smart advertising and packaging. She loves creating solutions for any problem placed before her. Formally trained as a typographer, Joanne has a keen eye for the little details that can make a big difference. She is a vital part of creative, brand positioning, relationship building and strategic thinking.






Lindsay has literally grown up in the industry. With two creative parents, grocery shopping was more than buying food; it was all about analyzing brands and packaging! As partner, client lead and project strategist, Lindsay delivers well-rounded strategic plans that help our clients achieve their objectives. She questions everything and sometimes that means questioning our clients, too. Lindsay is passionate about connecting, creating community and supporting those around her.




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