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Planet Foods needed a brand partner to help them express their position.


Planet Foods and Organic Horizons are both part of the Horizon Group of Food Companies, focused on delivering healthy, branded products to consumers across Canada. Working with brands such as Go Macro, PUR Gum, Kicking Horse Coffee, Planet Foods does a great job building brands nationally; they needed assistance bringing their own brand in line with the rest. Fever partnered with the group to create an online presence and help bring several new products to market.


The new Planet Foods website is bold and bright. Each of their brands is represented and we created a series of 16 lifestyle attributes, with corresponding icons, to categorize the product lines.


Next, we worked with Organic Horizons to develop three new private label brands, the first of which being “Too Munch Fun”. This new fun and healthy snack line consists of multi-grain popcorn chips, chocolate drizzled bites and chickpea snacks.


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